Aluminium roof window

Alusky aluminium roof window is the optimal solution used in modern construction. Roof windows  illuminate the room interior, provide a view to the outside and allow ventilation of the attic.


Tipple glazed unit as standard.

Glazing unit: 4H-12-4-12-4T, external glass – toughened, 4 mm thick, 12 mm plastic frame, argon-filled, internal glass pane with thermal insulation. Thermal transmittance Ug =0,7 W/m²K.  

  • high structural stiffness
  • low window weight
  • four-gasket system made of TPC and EPDM, which are resistant to UV and low temperature
  • convenient way to use the window as the handle is located at the bottom of the sash
  • central axis of rotation
  • installation in roof pitches from 15 to 75 degrees
  • aesthetic rounded profile, which is resistant to ageing, soiling and decay
  • moisture-proof and stiff to facilitate quick and secure installation, without visible joints
    of flashes and adhesives in corners
  • a wide range of colours: RAL palette, wood colours, anodized finish

Alusky  roof window system is available with increased thremal insulation:

ALUSKY PLUS version HI  (thermal insulation  Uw = 1,0 W/m2K )

Fitting instruction